We can all agree Netflix Instant Streaming has changed the way we all watch movies today. Unlike before, we no longer search the isles of local block busters. What people do nowadays is to use their mouse to scroll through various genres such as thrillers, horrors, classic, comedy, action, drama and so much more.


But in this article, you shall lean a few reasons why it is important to have a DVD collection of your favorite movies:

You are free to cut the cord

The best thing about streaming online is convenience, and that can’t be disputed. However, before the existence of Netflix, it was very hard it get a hold of foreign movies and indie films. But today, you can get any kind of movie you want to watch.


When you purchase DVDs, you own those DVDs. They are not going anywhere, not unless you get rid of them from your movie collection or someone steal them. When you start purchasing DVDs online, ownership becomes more fluid. You are not getting something tangible such as a DVD, you are only purchasing digital information

 Movie lending

Many people don’t think about movie lending. When is the last time you borrowed a movie from your friend or got a movie from someone? It may be a long time ago? Online streaming cannot replicate movie lending, not at all!

Sound quality and picture

Generally HDs are not designed equally. Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix CinemaNow deliver films in HD. However, these sites don’t offer the same HD as the one that comes in Blu-ray. The thing is that the image is compressed, yet is made of 1920*1080. The pixels are what makes the movie look incredible.

Therefore, there is need to stick to DVDs than streaming online.